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From Colours to Poppies: A Recap of Recent Activities at Scorton Care Village

Residents at Scorton Care Village have been embracing the holiday season with festive flair. Creative hands came together to craft personalised Christmas wreaths using handprints and vibrant paints, adding a touch of individuality to the care home.

Bi-weekly visits from local nursery children have become a cherished tradition, with activities ranging from painting and singing to colouring. These intergenerational connections bring smiles and warmth to both the young visitors and the residents.

In a touching display of remembrance, residents used tissue paper and card to craft poppies for Remembrance Day, offering a poignant tribute to those who served.

A recent pamper day brought a touch of luxury, as residents enjoyed haircuts and styling from the on-site hairdresser, along with pampering manicures. These moments of self-care contribute to a positive atmosphere and enhance residents' well-being.

As the holiday season approaches, Scorton Care Village continues to foster a sense of community through these shared moments of joy and creativity!

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