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Recent Activities at Scorton Care Village

Recent Activities at Scorton Care Village!

Engaging and Enriching Experiences for Our Residents

Over the past month, Elizabeth House at Scorton Care Village has been buzzing with a variety of enriching activities designed to engage and delight our residents. Here's a snapshot of what we've been up to:

Gardening Club:
Our newly established gardening club has been a tremendous success. Residents have enthusiastically planted potatoes, carrots, runner beans, cucumbers, and more. This activity has not only been therapeutic but has also brought the joy of nurturing and watching their efforts flourish into fresh produce for our kitchen.

Baking Sessions:
The aroma of freshly baked bread, scones, and cakes has filled our home, thanks to our lively baking sessions. Residents have enjoyed the process of baking, which has brought back fond memories and created delicious treats for everyone to savour.

Painting Club:
Creativity has been in full swing with our painting club. Several residents have created beautiful pieces of art, some of which were gifted to their loved ones. This artistic expression has been a wonderful way for residents to showcase their talents and share their joy with family members.

Brass Cleaning and Nostalgia:
One of our most popular activities this month was cleaning brass objects. This task, paired with reminiscing about the past, sparked engaging and heartfelt conversations. It allowed residents to connect over shared memories and stories from days gone by.

Church Services:
Spiritual well-being remains a cornerstone of life at Elizabeth House. Visiting clergy have led inspiring singing services and communion, bringing comfort and a sense of community to our residents. These services have been a cherished time for reflection and spiritual enrichment.

Enjoying the Outdoors:
Taking advantage of the beautiful weather, residents have spent quality time in our garden. The opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air has significantly enhanced their well-being, providing a serene and joyful environment.

These diverse activities have greatly contributed to the vibrant and engaging atmosphere at Elizabeth House, making the past month truly memorable for all our residents. We look forward to continuing to offer such enriching experiences in the months to come.

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