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Call us on 0208 861 2159

Activity Table Success and Family Meetings: Barton Lodge's Latest Innovations

Barton Lodge Care Home is delighted to announce some exciting updates that are enhancing the well-being of its residents and fostering stronger connections with families.

Firstly, the newly introduced activity table has been a resounding success among residents, providing engaging and stimulating activities tailored to their interests and abilities. Whether it's games, puzzles, or crafts, the activity table is proving to be a hit, bringing joy and a sense of accomplishment to all who participate.

Additionally, Barton Lodge is taking proactive steps to support families during what can be a challenging transition period. The care home has scheduled its first family meeting for May, providing an opportunity for loved ones to come together, share experiences, and discuss any concerns or questions they may have. Furthermore, plans are underway to organise regular support meetings every two months, offering a supportive environment with tea, coffee, and cake for families navigating difficult situations such as a new diagnosis of conditions like dementia or adjusting to the decision to move a loved one into residential care.

These initiatives underscore Barton Lodge's commitment to not only providing exceptional care for residents but also fostering a supportive and inclusive community where families feel valued and supported every step of the way. Stay tuned for more updates as Barton Lodge continues to innovate and prioritise the well-being of its residents and their families.

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